The Big O

The day I found out I was a stripper....

October 26, 2022 Emma Eirene Season 1 Episode 5
The Big O
The day I found out I was a stripper....
Show Notes

In this episode, I talk about the way that we can be perceived when we make a change! This is one of the reasons that we fear change so much, not just for leaving our comfort zone, but also the absolute fear from the judgement of others! But I have a questions for you, is this judgement about you, or is it more about them?? 

Listen in to hear the full story... and I would love to continue this conversation, so come find me on the socials! (link below)

P.s. Spoiler alert - I am not, nor have I ever been, a stripper! But I do talk about a couple of sensitive things in this episode and I am researching the idea of a Ladies club  run by women, for women... so you've been warned Bristol!

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