The Big O

Radical Self-Love with Jacinda Crothers

November 28, 2022 Emma Eirene Season 1 Episode 6
The Big O
Radical Self-Love with Jacinda Crothers
Show Notes

Jacinda Crothers Global is a a self-love embodiment coach who specialise in helping women to live a life that they love where self love and care is the leading principle. In this episode, Jacinda and I discuss radical self-love and why it is so important. We dispel the myth around it having to be big grand gestures and look at how this radical self-love can show up in our day-to-day lives, deep diving into how to embody this and connect to the feminine energy of surrender and flow. You will leave this podcast with an understanding of how to take action for yourself and become 'self-ful' in your way of being - after all, you cannot show up for others when you are neglecting to show up for yourself! 

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