The Big O

Being an Icon With Starling

February 11, 2023 Emma Eirene Season 2 Episode 1
The Big O
Being an Icon With Starling
Show Notes

Welcome to Season 2 of the Bg O Podcast! This is season is kicking off with the most beautiful opening episode with the very special guest, Starling.

Starling is an our very own British Pop Princess and international Speaker on self-belief. She run several programmes, with her signature one being ICON. She supports women in understanding what being and Icon truly means through her 3 principles of self-curiosity, self-connection and self-commitment.

In this episode, we dive into following your passion, operating from inevitability, holding the vision and, of course, creating a life that turns you on!

If you would like to find Starling, you can follow her on Instagram @starlingsword or discover how you can work with her at:

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